Shadow by Rachel Garcia / I will love you forever, Shadow!


Shadow’s life with me began on February 12,1999. It was his second chance at life. I found my beautiful, little friend in an animal shelter where he was scheduled to be euthanized that same day. My family had recently lost our dog just before I had moved away from home the previous month. I had gone to the shelter that day just to look around, because I missed our family dog terribly, but really didn’t have any intentions of getting another dog. But there was Shadow! He was at the very back of the kennel, all alone and shivering. He was the only dog who hadn’t messed in his run or dumped his food and water.

He looked absolutely terrified, so I decided to open his run door and kneel down to talk to him. The moment my knees touched the floor, Shadow was in my lap staring up at me, almost as if he was pleading with me to get him out of there. I promptly went and paid for my new friend and took him back to work with me, at an animal hospital. Shadow QUICKLY earned his name. He never left my side! He became my best friend over the next few weeks and remained that way for years.

He went through a lot of my hard times with me. He gave me unconditional love that I needed so badly. People came in and out of my life, but Shadow was always there! I loved my “little man” so much! Over this past year I have watched my best friend getting older and older, and beginning to have more health problems.

I don’t know exactly how old he was, but I know he was getting up there. He was an adult when I adopted him and he lived with me for almost six, wonderful years. Today, was one of the most difficult days of my life. I made the decision to let my Shadow go. He deserved to be comfortable and I could no longer provide that for him. Out of all the love in my heart for him…I told him goodbye.


I love you, Shadow, and I will miss you terribly.
You will live on in my heart until I see you
Rachel Garcia