Shadow by Robyn / Robyn

One day me and my family were at the nursery, we were ready to checkout then we heard a cat cry while we were walking over there we saw a sign that said “Free cat needs a good home”. He was a grey cat with a white spot on his chest he was so cute. So we took him home, he was my cat because I was the one who begged my mom for him. He was a good cat he hardly ever cried; he slept in my room. I had to take his liter box out and everything.

The first day we brought him home I took pictures of him.A couple of nights he slept on my bed not only on my bed but on my head and my stomach.He was always into what I was doing I guess you can say is that he acted the way a cat would act.

A couple weeks passed and we would let him out on the porch but thats where he stayed he didn’t go pass the porch. Then we would let him in and he’d be crying at the door. A couple days passed and he was big enough to let him out so we let him out.

Then one day I let him inside the house, my mom went to go pick up my brother and his friend so I went we came back and we opened the door and shadow ran out the door I didn’t care because he always runs out. Then night time came and I went outside looking for him to sleep in my room with me. Me and my mom went outside looking for him I had a flashlight I shined the flashlight into the street And I saw something that looked like a branch I said “wait mom” I walked into the street and it was him lying there, he was hit by a car. I screamed so loud the neighbors walked outside I was crying so hard could hardly breath. I finally realized he was dead. My mom said to me we have to bury him but we didn’t bury him he we cremated him.

I still cry to this day just thinking about him. I look at the pictures, toys, and pawprints he left on my dresser that my sister cleaned and said”it’s time to move on”. To this day I blame it on myself because I didn’t go and get him when he ran out. I say to myself he is in a good place
where he was wanted.
Love, Robyn


Miss you Shadow!!!