Shorty by Deborah & Grover Murphy / Mom

Words from Mom to her Angel PUP

Shorty you know Mom loved you, you could see it in her eyes,
You could feel it in my hands when I sat down to pet you
You felt it on your good days when we can run and play ball,
You felt it on your bad days when you stumble, weave and fall
I was always there when you would “go away” and when you came back I was there to help you to,
With loving hands and soothing voice I knew just what to do
I tried to help make you whole again to face yet another day,
When all I wanted was for you to be able to run and play
We were so close, our souls were like one,
We claim SUCCESS when each day was done
And no new seizures had wracked your brain,
Each “S-free” day was counted as our gain
We were as one through good days and bad,
Through all times, both happy and sad
So I LOVE YOU SHORTY, with all my heart
And you were faithful to me ‘and now we are apart
But, I will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge, I’m sure
And this time your body will be well and pure
Together we’ll romp in fields of grass
Free of medicine and confusion at last!


Love Forever
19, June 2003
Deborah & Grover Murphy