Shaleena by Stacey Cadaret / Love,

Mom & Dad

Shaleena our sweet shepherd.

I remember the day that you blessed us with your presence.
We walking along the beautiful shores of lake Tahoe, Ca.

We had just moved there the year before when we came cross a sign posted in one of the areas popular local food places it said free puppies so we called them we went and looked at the litter. You were so tiny and all your litter mates wanted to be looked at, too. Everybody was jumping about and happy and you kept getting pushed aside. The others were twice your size but still you pushed your way through. We picked up one of your brothers put him down and pick you up and there was something in your sweet face that day. We fell in love with you.

The day that we were told by the vet that you had bone cancer after a month of trying to figure out what was wrong was the saddest day of our life; we did everything we could to save you and god choose to bring you home. It was a sad day for us the day you passed away in our arms but we took comfort in knowing that you were now pain free.

You were a young dog at the time of your passing only 6 yrs of age. You gave us many years of happiness for your short time on this earth and
we will always love and miss you.


Peace to our sweet shepherd.
You were very much loved.
Stacey Cadaret