Shango by Christina / My baby

Six years ago I was walking through the humane society looking to get a new pet, a cat. I had had a snake before but the snake disappeared so I went to get a pet cat to replace her. At the shelter I was looking at an oddly colored, but very friendly cat. Another couple who were there also looking at cats looked at this one and said, that he had strange markings, he looked like a snake. I knew then that he was the one, so I took him home and named him Shango. That was at a time when I was about to go through a life change.

I started college and moved out of my mom’s house, and Shango went with me. He was the constant in my life, the one always by me, my best Friend. I have recently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. It is something that I have had all my life but has been getting worse as the years went on. I am now on medication for it but the reason I went in to the doctor is because I would have severe depressed mood swings. I wanted to commit suicide, I just wanted to die and I would cry, but when I would cry Shango was there, he would lay by me, he was my anchor. I knew that I couldn’t die because Shango needed me. I had to go on for him I had to live through the depression for him.

One week ago today he was suddenly struck with an illness that took him so fast I didn’t realize what was happening until it was too late. One night he was acting fine, but meowing at me, it was weird for him to meow, he was a quiet cat but he was meowing, and drooling. But he seemed fine. As the night went on he kept meowing but he was getting worse, fast. I was up with him all night, not sure what to do for him. I hadn’t realized that he was dying. By morning I knew that something was terribly wrong because he was laying in a pool of his own saliva not even able to pick up his head but he still meowed, a desperate agony filled meow that tore at my heart. I took him to the vet as soon as they opened. He needed to be put down. His whole body had filled with puss compressing all of his organs.

I was devastated. This was the one who supported me, who was there all of those times when I was sad, and now he is dead. I am still shocked, I still can’t believe what happened, and the vet is not sure why it happened. The pain of his passing is still so bad that I cry, I am crying right now. I can not think of anything but to move back in with my mom. I have to leave here. I have never lost anyone close to me and I can’t believe how much it hurts.

I will always love Shango, and I will always remember him. I don’t think that there was ever a cat more loved and adored,
and needed than he was.


I will always love my dear dear Shango,