Shantele Mercedes Walker by Vickie, Lil Mike and Amber Walker / Vickie, Lil Mike and Amber

Shantele Mercedes Walker

April 1992 — November 2005

When I saw Shantele for the first time, I knew I had to have her. She was this small Maltese with this bubbly personality that just said, Please love me and I will always love you back. She was white and fluffy, and no more than 5 inches long and 3 inches high. When she walked, it was as if she just made little small jumps. She was so cute and cuddly.

She spent the first 3 years of her life rough housing with Stephanie, our Pomeranian with the feisty disposition. She learned to hold her own with Stephanie because Shantele had a calm personality and would love just lying around cuddly. However, with Stephanie in constant pursuit, she had to protect her privacy and personal space.

We would often take both of them to be groomed and both would come back home so pretty. Shantele with her white hair fluffed out with a pink bow on the top of her head looking like a princess and Stephanie with her fiery copper mane blown out with a bow around her neck looking like a baby lioness. The groomers always reported that when one of them was taken away to be groomed, the other would cry until they got back together. Stephanie with her fierce personally could not wait for them to get home before she would jump on Shanteles back trying to take the pink bow off her head. Stephanie trying to take the pink bow off and Shantele trying to keep it own made for good entertainment.

Shantele had such a cuddly personality. When I took a nap, Shantele took a nap and when I woke up from a nap, she would wake up as well. She constantly followed us around the house quietly and patiently. When I would put her on my bed, she would curl up behind my legs and lay in the bend of my knees when I curled up to go to sleep.

We always tried to make sure she had IAMS or some other premium dog food because she was a miniature. She loved miniature marshmallows and would chase them down when we would throw them to her. However, she never really walked fast and she had this I am beautiful walk that said, Please look at me. When we had the huge sectional that was a light cream with sky blue sparks in it, she just blended in perfectly. A few times, company would come over and have a seat and suddenly realize she was 2 feet away. If you were a family member reading on the sofa, she would come over and cuddle.

She was a little princess.


With Love Always,
Shantele Mercedes Walker
Vickie, Lil Mike and Amber Walker