Sharpay by Meaghan / Meaghan

Sharpay had 2 siblings a brother and a sister. I named them after one of my favorite show. High school musical! There was Troy Gabriella and Sharpay. Sharpay was my favorite character on the show, so I named my favorite kitten after her. I knew that this home for our animals was only temporary, a lady came to get Troy and Gabriella, and I could not help myself from crying because the look on Sharpy’s face was so sad. I had to beg my mom to keep her, because I knew Troy and Gabriella had each other and, Sharpay would have me. So now she was mine! She was so happy to be with me, and I was even more happy when i knew she could stay. Because she was still a kitten and could not defend herself very good so we kept her and the dog separate.

Every thing was really good she cuddled and played with me; she was the best cat I ever had. Then I had bought her a cute bed for Christmas, and when Christmas came, she loved all her new toys she was in heaven! Later that day she was in real heaven. She had gotten out of my room and was playing by the dog. She tried to eat the dog’s bone, when the dog snapped at her and snapped her neck. It was devastating. I could not wait for Christmas to be over. I cried every day until it was time to go back to school. I get sad when I think of her but I know she still loves as much as I love her. I miss her
but I know she’ll never be forgotten.