Shawnee Sakotah


" Shawnee Sakotah "

4 / 12 / 81 ---- 5 / 20 / 96

German Shepherd



I miss you like I miss the sun.

I need you everyday.

Because you are my only one.

I love you in every way!

In the time the sun doesn't shine.

I wait to see your face.

For in your eyes I see the sun just like it's in its place.

Never go away my love you'd take my sun away

and through the darkness that was left. I would never find my way.

Sakotah you and I were meant to be together.

To share the feelings in times of pain.

You helped me when my mind was troubled to keep together

memories in vain.

Yes I will miss you if you should leave me. Just like the

times the sun doesn;t shine.

Remember I will always love you. Forever in these darkened times...

until we are together again on the Rainbow Bridge...

I Love you and miss you My koda Bean.

You died in my arms in your eyes the sun ceased that day...

You are with Pip Squeek in heaven now.

Rest in peace.

Love Mom Nikiya and Daddy





Shawnee Sakotah