Sheba by Dale & Cyndy Bailey / Mommy & Daddy


It’s been 2 years and 11 months since GOD called you home. Mommy and I know you’re right by “Amma’s” side. There isn’t a day goes by we don’t think of you. Of course, you left us with a wonderful daughter and a grandson, so how could we forget you. Of course you already know Sasha isn’t doing to good. She has lost the use of her back legs due to an inoperable tumor encircling her spine. We have bought her a K9 wheelchair and she does pretty well with mine and mommy’s help… OH! And of course the aid of treats. However, we know the time is drawing near for her and as devastated as mommy and I will be, I guess you’ll be happy to have your daughter by your side once more.

Sasha has become so much like you. She wants to be right by our side, just like you always were. Of course, if we leave the room she can’t get up and follow us, so believe me she lets us know! She has to sit in the same spot unless we move her, but she has gotten the knack of spinning down. As for that silly grandson of yours… well,
Sy is just as silly as ever.

Almost 10 now and still just a puppy at heart. Well baby, for the 16 1/2 years of unconditional love and devotion you showed mommy and daddy, just know that we have never stopped loving you and have missed you every day since you crossed over. Well, Shebee I’ll close here…
we LOVE you!


With lots of love,
5, Apr 2003
Dale & Cyndy Bailey