Sheba by Janice & Cheryl Demaree / Mommy and Cheryl

Sheba was adopted from The Long Beach Animal Shelter the last week of June, 1988. We had just lost our former dog and desperately wanted another dog to love. Sheba was standing at the front of her cage and happily wagging her tail. Her brown eyes seemed to be saying, “please take me home with you, oh please take me home!” We couldn’t resist those eyes and that wagging tail. So Sheba became our dog for 14 years. Sheba was a friendly sociable dog who got along well with people and other animals. She enjoyed going to the dog park to play with other dogs. Sadly, we lost Sheba in December of 2001. She was grieving for my husband, who was confined to a convalescent hospital, and she was also grieving for a companion dog who had to be put to sleep in November of that year. So, although this is good-bye to Sheba for now, we know she’ll be there to greet us when we get to heaven.


With all our love,
Janice & Cheryl Demaree