In 1982 My husband and I watched as an adorable little black

and white puppy was tied out at a friends neighbors house.

We noticed how short her chain was and that no water

was placed out. It was June hot and sunny there was also

no shelter from the heat. She sat there all alone for hours,

just looking towards the house where her owners lived.

She was getting fed at least and watered when they remembered

to bring it. We couldn’t keep to our selves about this we mentioned

our plan of action to our friend who backed us up 100%.

After the people had gone to work my friend took the puppy

and brought her to us she informed the owners that the puppy

had died and she had buried it.

She told them how sorry she was but felt it needed water and

that was why it died. The owners were not moved at all.

How sad this trusting little puppy whom we called “Sheba”

was unloved by these people who promised to care for her and

she longed to love.

We took her into our home and into our lives she grew into a

beautiful black and white German shepherd type lady.

She had a coal black body white rear toe caps a white chest

and front socks with little black spots in them also a white tip

on her tail which wagged wildly for us daily.

Her ears stood up straight and proud.

She was dynamic to look at. She was so full of energy

and had a robust love for us.

Sheba became a loving smart and protective member of our home.

We saw her thru illnesses hip repairs and chewed shoes.

She would let us know when some one was nearby

scare would-be intruders and play for hours with the kids.

What a blessing she was.

After 15 yrs. Sheba suddenly became very ill she woke up to

what is called the”spins” . She could not stand or walk straight

her eyes were moving back and forth in her head she had no

balance couldn’t eat or drink without falling over.

I took her to our vet who told me about the spins and said

she might come out of it he said it ‘s like when a person has

too much to drink and the room spins they don’t know what

brings it on Sheba had to stay there as a patient.

Well three days went by and no improvement.

Then one morning in March of ’96 I got a call from my vet,

who explained as softly as one can that Sheba was dying.

She had gotten worse. I was devastated I was facing this alone

as my husband was on the road,driving truck so I had to

make a very hard decision for Sheba

we loved her so….she had been such a good dog all these years…

I had to let her go…….for her… give her some rest from the

spins that were exhausting the life from her slowly

she was starving to death.

I gave my permission hearing a crack in the Dr.’s voice

I knew I had made the right decision. He was sad too,

as he had tried day and night to bring her some relief.

So She left us physically that day…..but never from within our

hearts……Thanks Sheba for being such a protective bright

spot in our lives…Thanks for being you.

We will always love you and miss you.