Sheba {Nina} Ayers by Becky Ayers / Mommy

Sheba (Nina) Ayers was my best friend, my companion. For almost 14 years she went everywhere that I went, making sure to never leave my sight. She slept in my bed between my husband and I every night, snuggled against my legs. She was special. Her heart was the warmest of any dog I had ever come in contact with in that she cried tears if I was sick or upset. She went out of her way to make me happy when I was down by smiling or trying to get me to play.
Sheba never had babies, so once a year, she would take her favorite squeeky toy and take care of it and clean it like it was her baby. During these times I was especially loving to her knowing that it may really bother her that she never had children of her own.

Sheba was a big fan of Jerky treats, biscuits and other assorted goodies. She always had an enormous amount of them stashed throughout the house as if she was afraid she would go without food at some point in her life. And even though she had these stashes, we still gave her more each morning.

Sheba also had a habit of chewing our cats whiskers off. We can only imagine the reason being that from the time she was a small pup that fit in the palm of my hand, I gave her little kisses on the side of her face and that’s probably what she thought I was doing to her, chewing her whiskers off, so she began doing it to all of our cats.

Sheba was so special. She was like another one of our children. I can’t imagine life without her by my side. I feel lost, confused, and alone without her. My heart is broken and I hope that someday I will see her again, whether it is here on earth in her spirit form, or in Heaven. I had a bond with her that I could never have with any human being. A bond that was so strong and so good and pure. She was my everything and
now she is gone.

I love you Sheba and
I will see you again in Heaven someday.


Love forever and always,
Sheba {Nina} Ayers
Becky Ayers