Sheldon Banks

Sheldon came into our lives on August 17, 2003. He was our son’s dog. In 2008 my son’s work schedule became very erratic, and he would drop Sheldon off very early in the morning and pick him up late at night. We all decided it would be better for Sheldon to stay with us during the week. Of course I was very nervous. My husband and I never had a pet, plus Sheldon always had a sensitive stomach. In addition to being on a strict diet of prescription dog food and dog treats, we also had to give him several pills a day which was not always so easy. After a short while of Sheldon living with us, all fears were gone. The very first night in our home, he immediately jumped into our bed at bedtime and it felt like he had been with us for years! Needless to say, our love for Sheldon just grew and our bond with our grand dog became stronger than ever. On Fridays he would go back home with his dad and Sunday evenings Sheldon was back home with grandma and grandpa. This was the routine and we loved every minute of it.
Our world was shattered when Sheldon was diagnosed with stage 3 kidney disease in July 2013. Even with all the new medications that were prescribed and the fluids he would be receiving every single day, the doctors only gave him 2 weeks to live. Our family was beyond devastation. Steve searched the internet and found another supplement to help his kidneys.
Our baby boy lost his battle on February 7, 2016, two weeks short of his 12 ½ birthday. We got an extra 2 ½ years more than expected, but this was not nearly enough. Sheldon was such a loving little boy and was just happy to be loved by our whole family. Sheldon was surrounded by our whole family in his final moments. Our life will never be the same without our baby boy Sheldon. Sure, we got used to not seeing his water bowl in the kitchen and don’t cry every single day, but the void in our lives without our sweet baby boy can never be filled. We could not have loved our Sheldon any more than a human grandchild. We cannot believe our baby boy has been gone for 2 years now, and not a day goes by that we don’t talk about him or think about all the things he used to do.
We Will Love Our Sweet Baby Boy Forever and Always
Grandma & Grandpa

February 7 2016
Wendy and Steven Rosenblatt