Shep by Lucy / Lucy

I see a familiar shadow
Moving by my chair
I reach down, my friend, to touch you
But you’re no longer there
I suddenly remember
You had to go away
It broke my heart to lose you
But I knew you couldn’t stay.

Yet I look into the garden
I’m sure that I can see
You running chasing butterflies
The way you used to be
I’m sure I heard you barking
It wasn’t a mistake
I strain to hear it once again
For any sound you make.

When I walk down the country lanes
I know that you’re there too
You’re racing through the bracken
Just like you used to do
The rustling of the undergrowth
That only I can hear
I know it’s just to let me know
That you are still near.

I feel you by my bed at night
Your warm breath on my cheek
But I know you will disappear
If I try to take a peak
So I just lie here quietly
And be content to know
That in spirit you’ve come back to me
And you’ll never ever go.


i love you my Gorgeous Sheppy,
4, Feb 2004