Shep by Lucy / Your best friend Lucy

My Shep came from a farm, out in the countryside where he loved to be! but his owners could no longer look after him because they were getting too old! Shep was very overweight I remember when I first saw him! He was so fat. But he had the kindest eyes I’ve ever seen! We were able to get his weight down although he was still overweight. It was alot better for his health. I fell in love with Shep straight away. He had such a gentle nature, he was always there when I needed him, a proper friend,
my best friend.

A couple of months after we got Shep he started to act really weird he was howling and crying all the time and was hiding under the bed. This lasted just for the day! We didn’t know what was wrong with him! But we then realized that his old owners where he was originally was with had passed away, and Shep sensed this. He was so clever.

Shep was very sensitive and very good at reading emotions. He knew when we were upset and happy! During the last year of his life he got slower and didn’t liked to be walked far! Then one night while I was out he had a fit and as I walked through the door he was sprawled out on the floor shaking viciously, foam coming out of his mouth,
his teeth showing.

We couldn’t touch him which was the worst! As he can’t control what he is doing during the fits. When he finally came around he walked around like he didn’t know where he was. It broke my heart to see him like this. We took him to the vets, the vet said that they didn’t know what it was. They put Shep on tablets which he took for a further 4 months, then gradually he wasn’t taking any at all.

He then had another fit, a really violent one. This time he didn’t get up. My parents rushed him to the vets, where there was no more to
do for him.

I arrived at the vets just in time before they put him down. I sat with him and told him how much I loved him before he slipped away from us! That left a big hole in my heart! He was my best friend! Shep you were a great inspiration to all the family and touched all our hearts and you are deeply missed! Even though we have Max now. He will never take the place of my great soft Shep. The big shape who sat by the door. I love you so much, Shep, but now you are at rainbow bridge running with all the other dogs through the trees and grass.

Miss you Shep.


God bless you Shep!