Sheppy by Lucy / Lucy xXxXx

My Sheppy came from a farm. They were going to put him down if he couldn’t get his weight down because his owners were old and
fed him scraps.

I still remember the first time I saw him. He was fat really fat and we walked him 3 times a day and his weight gradually came down and became my best friend.

We used to go to Blaise Shep with the squirrels the air running past your fur. My gorgeous Sheppy running through the water without a fear in the world. He protected me and was there for me when I needed a good cry!

Those last moments with you will remain in my heart forever Shep. I knew you could hear me Shep. I told you I loved you, and that I will miss you and I still do.

I still think about you and even though we now have Max. Noone can ever ever replace you and break my bond with you Shep. You were my baby and that is the story about my Sheppy.

I wanted to share with you! Because he was a great dog!
So sensitive and kind!


lots of Love,