Shin by Kristine



{ Kaltag's Pride }

Oct. 7 1999 ----- Nov. 12 1999



And I lost another pet as always

this having been happening ever

since I don't know when.

This time however it was Shin the greatest puppy

ever to have been born in the earth

and I painfully tried to raise him after his mother

had abandoned him

it was all in vain as he died anyway.

Now I give him this poem something I had composed

when he died and left the pack as quickly as that...



Shadows blurred the path he treaded shadows ruining our pride

Making the happiness we've hoped for disappear from our side.

Shadows make his way so lonesome innocent as he may seem,

Knowing naught of the great darkness that now surrounded him.



Oh my pride my little puppy journeying now so alone.

Walking quiet in the unseen without a pack to call his own.

A tiny being hardly knowing what life was all about,

Yet had lived with great faith had trusted deep without a doubt.



Day by day we see him going though we don't know it until then,

When his spirit flows away from him maybe to live again.

Pride disappears quickly joys and hopes are gone within.

Toil we've done quickly vanishes as we lose what we thought we'd win.



Thus our parting makes us sadder showing things we've long so feared,

A howl could be heard in our hearts since this sorrow hath appeared.

Faint yet deep the howl starts rising till it starts to flood my heart,

Telling me of my dear sorrow borne when we had been apart.



Now we walk in the sorrow knowing death as we have learned.

Accepting things as always although we lose what we had earned.

Yet I learn to forget my sadness for I feel his presence as before,

For I had loved my little puppy and I shall cherish him forevermore.


Your mom will always love you Shin.