Shiner Bumble by Rob, Christine, Fraser

" Shiner Bumble "

Oct. 7 1990 ---- July 29 2000


When we first saw you it was love at first sight.

Your neck was all cut from the chain around your neck and you

had licked those beautiful golden paws hairless.

Those horrible people abandoned you and you came to live with us.

Through all the years after you gave us nothing but love.

The truck camper was a second home to you you loved to travel.

Unknown to us you would eventually jump from that camper never

to be seen again. Only Fraser knows where and well we can't

understand cat talk.

We miss you baby and Mommy and Daddy want you to

know we didn't mean to leave you in Arkansas.

Please be safe no matter where you are

We are so very empty without you.

Blessed be Shiner Bumble.


Rob Christine and Fraser





Shiner Bumble
Rob, Christine, Fraser