Smokey by Robb,Judy,Jessica&Bandit



February 1984 ----- June 28 2000

Tabby Cat

We found you on a cold winter night in Feb. 1986

as we come home from a date.

We took you in as avery sick kitty.

We nursed you back to health.

You were there to see many areas of our lives grow.

As we were married Jessica born getting your new

kitten brother Bandit.

You were a very good friendand playmate for Jessie

and allowed to be "loved"and tugged on.

When you became ill we tryed everything

we could do to help you.

You were tired andneeded to go.

We miss you and will always remember you Smokey.

You were a very good kitty.

Nana loved you too even Grandpy felt bad the day you left.

All our love always,


Robb Judy Jessica & Bandit