Shogun by Kalyn



Dec. 26 1996 ----- Jan 8 2000



Dear Shogun


I'm left alone to walk the paths

we use to share each day

I miss your tug at every step

I take along the way


I miss your barking at the door

when I come home at night

The way you'd greet me with a jump

and make my day alright


I miss your presence by my bed

when I retire at night

I even miss how your wet nose

would wake me at first light


We had three very precious years

together dear Shogun

We helped each other learn and grow

while sharing so much fun


But now you've journeyed far beyond

without me by your side

You left me far too suddenly

so many tears I've cried


Yet now I know you're in a place

where you are free from pain

You do not want for anything

no need for leash or chain


And even though the pain subsides

a little every day

You will never be forgotten

for in my heart you'll stay