Sieger by Carol,Mark&All@Wollsteiner



September 22 1989 ----- February 22 2000

Belgian Shepherd Dog


If it should be that i grow frail and weak

and pain should keep me from my sleep

Then you must do what must be done

For this the last battle can not be won.


Sleep peacefully my son

the deed has been done

Run free breath easy

and be with your father

side by side run for ever as one.

Good Bye My Friend

Given sleep before to much suffering

My Gentle Giant

What an ambassador you were

Just wanting to please everybody

Even if it meant finding daddies shoes

buried 3 months later!!

Children adored you you adored them

So typical of you to step in and help when needed

you were one in a million

Run free with your family join your dad in fun and games

We will never forget you

Good Bye my Friend

Good Bye


Carol and Mark and all @ Wollsteiner