Sierra by Tina / Mommy

I was desperate, ready to end it all when I found her. She was all alone just like me. She was unwanted and ready to die, just like me. I had lost my hearts smile 8 years before when my angel on earth was called home to heaven. I had stopped living and was existing. I was on my way to mail a letter to my sister telling her that I could no longer take this life.

I was sitting in the parking lot at the Post Office thinking about what I was intending to do. In the quiet of my thoughts I heard what seemed to be a small cat crying and in my state of mind I thought I was hearing my Buffy call to me. As I got out of my car and started to walk towards the Post Office I could more clearly hear that it was a cat, no a kitten. She was barely 4 weeks old. Her eyes were still blue. She was terrified and needing someone to rescue her.

In that moment I thought I was rescuing her, but in reality she was rescuing me. I needed to be needed in the way she needed me. I took her home forgetting to mail the letter. I took her in and I loved her, and she love me. She gave me back my hearts smile. Because her life was so extraordinary she only stayed here for 6 years. But in those 6 years she taught me to be loved and to love myself. She taught me that kindness is more important than anything and that love is the only reason to go on.

Her life made me glad and her death breaks my heart. But I know that she is with me, and I know that she saved my life. I grieve for her but to end my life now would diminish what she came to this earth to accomplish. She was and is my angel. Her life will be remembered as a blessing to me. It’s with a grateful heart I say good bye my sweet angel. I love you forever.


My Sunshine,