Simba by Kim Doig / Momma Kim

To give you my backround I have had 2 female Rotts I got as puppies. The first, Pike about 15 years ago, God Rest her Soul, the second, Sammie, is now 8 years old keeping my mother in law company.

I was broken hearted to part with Sammie, even to my inlaws, but they needed her company. And I am still able to see her every day. So here I was, without a dog for the first time in a long time.

About 3 years ago I received 2 phone calls, in the same day from 2 people that did not know each other. They were trying to place an abused male Rott, about 4 or 5 years old. They told me males at that age are hard to place. I said NO WAY. I didn’t want a male, and not one with issues. Both callers begged me to just go see him. I did.

If I had a video to show you of our meeting, none of you would have a dry eye. I didn’t. When the elderly lady that owned Simba brought him in the house he crawled and hid under my feet. And Simba wasn’t his name than. It was something mean, I believe I have chosen to forget. He finally peeked his head out, I reached down to pet him and he squinted his eyes and drew back, expecting to be hit. That was all it took. I told her I would pick him up the following day.

I arrived as I said I would and Simba was waiting at the door for me. The ride home was fun. He likes rides in the car. Especially our T-top now, he thinks he’s on top of the world.

It took about 6 months for Simba to trust me and know I would never hurt him. Sometimes the going was tough. He never bit me but it came close. You couldn’t even look him in the eyes at first. One of our saving graces was he loved children so I didn’t have to worry about that. It was Men he had a hard time dealing with, and probably always will.

He is my true love, my companion, never leaves my side when I am sad or sick. When he looks at me it says, “Mom, what did I do to get so lucky?” And I think, “Simba, how did I almost turn you away?”

Next time you decide on a new dog or cat, consider one from the shelter or look in the Yellow Pages for groups helping to find homes for abused animals. I know I will never buy another puppy, not because I don’t love pups, but because everyone does. But dogs like my Simba are desperate for a home. A loving home. And they will thank you for life. Because thats what you will give them. Life.


With Love and Hope for all abused animals
Kim Doig