Sir Sun Buster by Chrystal / Chrissy

Buster was my first pet. He was a purebred Golden Retriever with a dark red coat. He was a wonderful friend and companion. At the time we lived in Florida and he loved going to the special dog beach with his friend Bear. Buster used to take bathes we me too. We were inseparable.

When he got older he started having medical problems. We moved to Tennessee and found out he had hip dysplasia and a thyroid problem. Later on he developed what the vet called fatty tumors. The vet knew that wasn’t the case. Buster had cancer and the vet refused to tell us.

Bear was our 15 year old chow/lab mix and Buster’s best friend. In 1996 we lost Bear to old age. After that Buster started getting worse. Even when we brought home another friend for him, our now 6 year old lab mix B.J. which we named after Bear. On December 22 of 1998 Buster was laying under our Christmas tree. He died watching the Christmas tree lights. He loved that. We miss him terribly.

I believe that our pets that pass on will one day come back to us as another animal. That is definately the case with Buster. A few days after his death we decided to rescue a puppy from the animal shelter. That’s when we adopted Hershey, a dark chocolate lab. Only Hershey and his brother were left from his litter because all of his siblings and him were abused badly.

They were all only a few weeks old. All of his brother and sisters except one brother and him were put down because they were too far off. Hershey has Buster’s soul. Hershey acts exactly like Buster. Hershey also has hip dysplasia. On June 23rd of 2003 Hershey had surgery to remove a tumor from his neck. I have no doubt that this is my Buster.


In Memory of Buster and all of my other companions
Sir Sun Buster