Skeeter by Peg Davis / Mom


Skeeter, dog of my heart
Though we’re apart
You’ll always be first in my heart.
Right from the start.

You taught us all so much.
Our whole family was touched
By your wisdom and your grace.
You were able to put us all in our place.

No dog could be sweeter
Than my truest, bravest Skeeter.
Nothing could be tougher
Than to watch you suffer.

Your pain was my pain
Over and over again.
I hope you know
Why I had to let you go

It still hurts me so
But deep in my heart I know
You’ll be in a better place
With lots of space
To play and race,
With no pain or rain
Beaches galore
Things to explore
And so much more.
Your spirit running free
With lots of new things to see.
For you’ll be in dog heaven
Twenty-four by seven.


With My Whole Heart,
31, Dec 2003
Peg Davis