Sky by Alicia B / Love Mommy

It was just a short time we together, but the memories wont fade away. I didn’t even get to say good bye, but I know you heard me in heaven as I called to you my sweet Sky. I set her and wonder why did this have to happen why? I know you’re in a better place where you have your favorite toy…a great big wheel to play in, with whatever you please. Don’t worry it is not good bye, it’s just a little time away till I see you my little Angel. As I look to the sky I will alway remember you; you’re free of all pain that you had.

Don’t have no fairs my dear it not good bye just a chance for Me to show my love to the one and only Sky B. How I’ll never forget the days we shared ahhhh it make me sad that I can’t see you no more, or play the games we use to. But I’ll tell you what when I do see you, we’ll have a blast that’s fo’ sho.


I Love you sky Rest In Peace you won't be forgotten,
12, Aug 2004
Alicia B