Slim by Elizabeth

Slim! we got you soon after my birthday.
I had just turnd 12 and around 10 pm
we were driving to the gas station
and we found a big box in front of the
pound so we picked you up and took you
home. We opened the box and 5 cats
jumped out. Your mama,uncle, brother, sister
and you we decided to keep you and your
brother we moved and your brother found
a home 2 houses down and we kept you
were as I say “my son”. I miss the way you
gave me kisses and how you slepted with
me and how you purred when I stuck you
in that bag. I still don’t know why you
but I know you’re in heaven because of all
the good dreams you gave me of you coming
home. But I think it is best that you left
because puppies have grown mean to cats.
We found beauty (cat) a new home after she
was almost attack by Gage. but beside
that you and her are safe. I’ll always
miss you. I took the wall above my bed
and put your pictures up and hung your
favorite pink bag up. “XOXOXO