Smidgeroo by Betty Oxenreider / Mommy


You were my babygirl
I loved you like no other
I truly felt I was
your one and only mother.

We found you as a kitten
so small scared and frail
but it took only some love
for you to proudly raise that tail.

You gave me two years
of joy and happiness
loved us unconditionally
and never any less.

I loved to watch you play
or talk to your lil birds
no matter what anyone says
I know you were speaking words.

You were so very special
truly and totally unique
you helped my days go by
week after week.

Now you are gone
to a place where you have no pain
a place that healed you
and life is not a strain

You are happy and free
but please believe me
down here in this place
I miss your pretty face.

I miss your soft mews
and your soft black fir
without you
life is like a blurr.

A blurr of sadness
and of pain
without you I feel at times
like I’m going insane.

Life has taken you from me
I loved you from the start
And I will love you forever
for you are
the biggest piece of my heart.


You will always live in my heart my love,
13, Feb 2003
Betty Oxenreider