Smokey Allen



" Smokey Allen "

March 18 1987---------October 4 1998


In Memory Of


In Memory of one so dear,

Who reminded us all year after year,

That a cat's love is precious,

That a cat's love is best.


Smokey you're so very special

You're a hero in our eyes,

Your bravery surpasses all,

Beyond God's blue skies.


We picture you in Heaven,

Where you run jump and play,

And eat tuna and cream cheese,

Every single day,


Always know we miss you,

But you are always here,

All we have to do is think,

And there you will appear.


To remember you

We are blessed every day,

As we were blessed with you in life,

Forever you will live in our hearts.



Mom Dad Scott Connie Greg and Holly



Smokey Allen