Smokey by Stephanie / Love always,

Smokey was an aboandoned runt. My grandma and I were searching for a mouse-cat for her farm, so we went to a couples house about 15 minutes away. While my grandma had picked out a cat and was paying for it I was playing with the other cats. I was astonished to find a kitten who, I thought, was new born. He was in a can behind the shed. I found my grandma and showed her. The lady said if I could catch him I could have him and she laughed. I was a little upset that someone could make fun of such a little helpless creature.

I went to the can and picked him up. The woman was at awe. She said that the kitten would not let anyone touch it much less pick it up! Well needless to say I took him home and raised him along
with my other cat, Sammie.

In 2001 my parents decided to move and they said that it would be best to leave the cats in the state. My grandmother said she would take only one cat of course that was Smokey. Sammy was sent to live with a friend of mine. Smokey lived his last months on my grandma’s farm where he caught UTD (urinary tract disease. He pushed as much as he could but eventually had to be put to sleep.


You are a strong soul and
I will find you again I promise!