Smokey Joe by Debbie Byerly and Frank Jensen / Until God brings us together again…


Smokey Joe Our Brave and Gentle Cat
All of my friends say its time to let go! Smokey’s in heaven now, and pain free, you know.
You did the right thing-you were loving and kind. A better Mom and Dad Smokey never could find.
But the love that he gave was something so rare…a rub on my nose, a warm gentle stare.
The touch of his paw so soft on my face…
This kind of bond I can never replace!
Smokey there in the morning to tell me goodbye. Waiting all day to greet me, to hug me when I cry.
He gave unconditional love, had an all knowing stare. Such a regal persona, but one whom always cared.

He gave all he had to his Mom and his Dad. He even loved Sunny, who is always so bad! He’s steadfast and loving, so gentle and smart. His small furry body
had such a huge heart!
His courage outstanding, he was determined to live! And then all too soon he gave all he could give…
Sixteen years we have loved him, sixty more we will cry…oh God up in heaven…why does Smokey have to die?
He is my fur-child! My baby, my son! We’ve grown so attached, please don’t make him the one…
We need him,we love him, and we depend on him so…Please, God, don’t tell us our “Moke ” has to go!!
“There are so many out there who need a good home… Please try to find one so you’re not alone. A new Pet can help you to heal, and feel whole!”

BUT, LORD, how do we fill the void left in our soul…

by Debra Jo Byerly 12-17-02


We will love and miss you forever and always,
Smokey Joe!
Smokey Joe
13, Dec 2002
Debbie Byerly and Frank Jensen