Snooky by Geraldine & Maria / Mommy & Maria

To My Beloved Cat, Snooky

There’s nothing sweet about
the sorrow with which we part,
How can there be?
You’re leaving with my heart!

It was a cold and wintry day
but the sky was pink
You acted best of all that day,
and so it made me think..
that God would spare you
for a while
my kitty, who was like my child.

Exceptional in every way,
there are no words that one can say,
to comfort me right now.
In time the wound I know, will heal,
But I really don’t know how.

You never were a burden.
You never were a chore.
I cannot say another pet
has ever loved me more.

You were God’s gift, a joy to me.
You’ll ever more be missed
From here unto the angels goes
your self, so fondly kissed.

With last goodbyes today
that God would heal my heavy heart
I pray, I pray I pray.

©2003Geraldine Petrone, All Rights Reserved


11, Jan 2003
Geraldine & Maria