Snoopy, You have been my best friend for a long time.. 18 yrs..I remember when you came to me at the age of 5 weeks old.. you knew at that time we will be together for a long time.. i never had a pal like you.. you always happy to see me when i come home from work.. we take our walk together and we enjoy every min of it…
You have always put a smile on my face when i am sad or not feeling well.. But when you got older i took care of you, later you lose your hearing then your eye site.. on wed i put you on the bed and do not know what happen, but you fell off and hurt your back leg.. and you was in lots of pain..i knew then the only way to get the pain away is to put you down.. your age was against you.. i stay up all night with you and was with you when you went to sleep..
Snoopy you going going over to the RAINBOW BRIDGE, where you will see your old pal NIK and LITTLE GIRL.. there you will wait for me when i will come and bring YOU, NIK ,LITTLE GIRL and BABYCAKE with me so that we can spent our life together forever.. I cant wait till that day to see you and hold you again.. You will always be in my heart and i will NEVER forget you

sept 5,2019
eddie spires