Snow White by The Fettig Family

I remember the first time we saw you. You were only a few weeks old and we were looking for a new dog because good old Whiskers was getting close to passing away. We never had a basset hound before, but when you see a basset puppy for the first time, you can’t help but to fall in love. There were 5 left in your litter, and I remember how you came right over to me and sat in my lap and never left.

It was like you picked us as your family, like we were meant to be from the very beginning. We had 11 wonderful years with you. How we all miss you so much. I miss your long velvety ears the most, and the way you used to droop them down when you saw us,
so happy and full of love. And the way you used to dance around and
push over your food bowl. You loved your walks with daddy, and
sleeping in the bed with mommy at night.

Everyone loved you so much, and you were so spoiled! You got whatever you wanted! You had the run of the house. Seeing you get sick as you got old was so painful and hard. We did everything we could to make you well, and keep you alive as long as we could. But you got so weak, and it was awful seeing you in so much pain. Please forgive us for putting you to sleep. We didn’t want to, but we couldn’t stand
to see you suffer anymore.

We cried for months, and still do. But we buried you in our backyard, under the snowball tree, where your grave is surrounded by snowwhite flowers. We buried with you pictures and your favorite toys. You will always be here with us Snow, in our hearts and our memories. We will never ever forget you. We will see you again in time, and I can’t wait to kiss your long velvety ears. We love you up to the moon and back,
our beloved SnowWhite.

Love always,

Mommy, Daddy, Lisa,
Michelle, TeeTee


Snow White
The Fettig Family