June 2001


Well it started on day when me and the kids

decided to go to the pet store and just look around.

There before our eyes we saw the cutest little bunnies you could of imagined.

And in the same cage next to all the bunnies

was a real small bunny smaller than the others.

I asked the sales lady why he was so small and she said he was a dwarf bunny

or I guess you would say he was a runt.

Well it was love at first sight. We bought it.

He was black/white and we named him Snowball.

He fit in the palm of one hand.

He was supposed to be 8-9weeks old so they said.

He was so cute.

As soon as you opened the cage to get him

he would be there waiting for you to let him out.

He would jump in your hand when you opened the cage.

Well the next day we let him out of the cage to play and

he would follow our cat around likes it was its mother.

We thought it was so cute shortly after that

we noticed he started falling forward in the cage.

I knew something was wrong

so I took him to the vet and they gave him a shot for dehydration.

We had to syringe feed him every 3-4 hrs.

Well the next day Snowball was dead.

It was the most precious 3 days with him.

We all miss you Snowball

and we wish we would have known the pain you were in.

You will never be forgotten in our hearts.

We cry every time we think of you.

There’s no one that will ever take your place. I’m so sorry Snowball.

I know you’re in a better place and in no pain.

We love and miss you snowball!!!


Mark Sandy Lisa and Robert