Socks by Brianna / Brianna

My baby Socks!I always loved you the most,seeming how back then our other cat, Casey, ignored me.I was only five when you passed on..I miss you! Let me tell you his story…..

A few years ago, there was a man who poisened cats. Signs were up all over the neighborhood,saying ‘Watch Out! Keep cats indoors. ‘Socks loved to jump the fence. That night he happened to jump the fence-and landed in the man’s yard. So he was poisoned..and that night he died. We thought it was the chicken we gave him, but the vet said no, it wasnt that. He had been poisoned. We rushed him to the vet,
but it was too late.

Remember, Sock-WE MISS YOU!


With Love,
8, Sep 2000