Thank you for being so sweet
for sitting on my lap
and warming my feet.
For being there when
you were needed
which was all the time.
And for being so caring
and so kind.

You’ve been a good friend
the best I’v had.
You’ve stuck with me
through good and bad.
You never judged me
you were always there.
You loved me so much
you even cleaned my hair.

You were a good cat
whom no one will forget
even with the passing of time
you were the best pet.
No one can replace you
because there is only one you.
And no one could compare
no matter whom.

I knew you hurt
when I put you to sleep.
I’m so sorry I did
but you were not mine to keep.
I could see in your eyes
you were asking me to.
Even though that’s
the last thing that
I wanted to do.

I know you’re in heaven
out of pain.
Lying in the warm sunshine….
out of the rain.
I picture you
sitting on Jesus’s lap.
While He pets you and
talks to you while
you’re taking your nap.

So with this in mind
I can say “Goodbye”.
But you’ll live in my heart
and time will fly.
Soon we’ll be together
but I’ll never forget
the times together
that we have spent.

Goodbye Socks
I will always love you.



14, Jan 2002