Solo by sophie / See you in rainbow bridge

Dear Solo,

It’s been ages since I wrote something on here but everyday I think of you. Something reminds me of what you used to do. I still miss you. I think I always will as we grew up together. You were a big part of my life and you still will be. I hope you’re looking down on us and seeing what a good job we are doing with James. We are makin him as spoiled as you were! but Solo I promise you he will never take your place no-one could or will. I love you lots and lots. Hope you are ok up there with Punch, Nibbles and Alice and all the hamsters and little Timmy. Tell them I love them lots and I tihnk of them all the time when thinking back to my childhood because you little lot were my childhood and you made it special. Tell Punchy his mummy and daddy still think of him and miss him and they will love him forever. Write soon. I love your little sister Sophie xxx


Sleeptight little ones,
15, December 2003