Sophie Bernice by Tammy Young & family / Your family

In 1999 my kid’s Donnie, Courtney & my self traveled to Alabama so that my daughter could visit her friend Wes. I was sitting there in my motel room and was reading the paper and saw a add that read like this ” min pin in need of good home or will have to be put down”; after reading this add I dialed the phone number and made a appt to see Sophie.

She was so sweet and pretty! We told the lady we would give her a good home and that is how Sophie become a part of our family, April 20th 2000. Sophie was a very shy, nervous little dog when we got her and at one point that day she ran away from us at our motel & both Donnie and Courtney ran after her and got her before she was struck by a car. They brought her back to the room where we bonded with her and from that day on she was a important member of our family and we love her very much even though she is gone now.

There will never be any dog that will take her place in our hearts. She loved to take car rides and to visit the local convience store where they welcomed her with a milk bone on every visit.

Sophie loved the cats in our family. Her favorite thing was sharing dinner with us as she always ate at the same time as we did each evening. Sophie would get so excited when she knew it was almost dinner time as she would get the same food we got only in smaller portions. Her favorite snack was hot dogs and she loved it when we had roast beef. We will always love you Sophie have fun in heaven until we meet again little girl and watch over us.


Your spirit will live on and on,
Sophie Bernice
Tammy Young & family