Sophie Sootie Foot by Susan Kotarsky / Your human family and Anna and Daisy

Sophie came to us by way of a local school teacher that found her in the ashes of a burned out building. At the time, I worked for a local vet. I was asked if I would adopt her, at first I said no, because at the time I had 6 dogs and 9 cats. But she was so cute I brought her home and added her to the clan.

As the other cats moved over the Rainbow Bridge, Sophie endured. She became my husband’s best buddy. She slept with him, curled up on his lap while he read his books or watched TV.

She was a mighty hunter. Almost every morning I would find a new present on my door step. She brought me all kinds of presents from her outside hunts, but let a mouse get in the house! There was a time we had a mouse in the house and Sophie just wouldn’t bother with it UNTIL it was in the mouse trap, then she brought it to me.

She was loved and she will be missed.

Goodbye Sophie go play with your sisters Si, Patches, Pickles, Cloe, Spike and your dog pals Idgit, Rebel and Sara.


With Love and Fond Memories,
Sophie Sootie Foot
Susan Kotarsky