Sox by Julie / Mommy

Dear Sox,

Where do I start, my Best Friend my Sweet Boy,
What a whacky pair from the start, a kitten they said wouldn’t last a week (scrawny little sucker you were)and a little girl with asthma. When I saw you I knew you needed me as much as I needed you. When I brought you home and Daddy said you could stay and Mom had a fit a cat that wont last a week she’ll be crushed she said. I held you in my room and never prayed so hard. Have you ever seen her
so happy Dad said.

Well we won and from then on never apart were we. Even when the Dr’s said a cat with her asthma you’re nuts. Even through all the trips to the ER and all the breathing treatments our loyalty never faltered. Finally the Dr. gave up and said well can you at least see that he doesn’t sleep on her pillow anymore. We’ll try said Mom and Dad and even after we fell asleep they would make you leave but like clockwork as soon as you were gone
I’d wake up and let you in.

Eventually all the medicine worked and we got it under control and others joined what my Dad called the kitty crew but we were still “Best Buds” both of us content to lay on the couch and munch on Doritos. I miss those times Socko Bocko. You were with me through the important things in my life. My graduation, meeting your new daddy Daddy John, the birth of all three of my children and not once did we lose what we had. To watch you let my 3 children play with you and the way you guarded them is priceless.

When you got sick it felt worse than if I had been sick myself. 20 years is a long time for a cat they said, what did they know you’re my baby and course you want your baby to live forever. That day at Dr. Rose’s when I brought everyone to say Goodbye and Daddy John remarked how through it all this was the first time you weren’t purring,
I realized you wanted to go.

When they all left and you and I were alone you meowed for the first time since we brought you there 2 days before and the Dr came in and I fell apart I knew that you had just said your Goodbye to me and I cried and held you and told you what you were to me and how you brightened my life and that I would never get another cat you were
the only one for me.

We took you home and put you to rest and I just have to tell you that through all the years of breathing treatments and trips to the ER and medicine after medicine that this was the first time in my life that it had ever been that hard to breathe that hard to just get a breath.

You are missed so dearly and loved so deeply. A love like ours is something that not everyone experiences in a lifetime. I thank God for you. I know you are up there cheering me on. Mom Mom will keep you company and when I get there I promise I’ll bring you some Doritos. Ill never forget you my Sweet Boy.


All my love,
11, Oct 2004