Spaetzle by Sandra

In loving memory of Bell’s Bite
About “Mit Spaezle”
July 19,1991 – April 1 2002

“It’s Not So Bad”
written by Sandra Tuori-Bell

I’m finally here and
it’s not so bad
But I sure do miss you
Mom and Dad.
I have fields to run in and
birds to chase
And plenty of treats
with a pleasant taste.

Your hearts are breaking
but you should know
I couldn’t stay I had to go.
I’m certain we’ll meet
again some day
And until that time
I’ll wait here and play
with everyone who comes
my way.

I’ll wait by the bridge and
when you arrive
My heart will pound and
my feet will fly
To greet you as I did before.
And we will be together once more.

So please try not to be so sad.
Think of the good times
that we had
And of those yet to come be glad
I’ll wait for you here
It’s not so bad.



1, April 2002