Spancy by Kate and Samantha / Love,

Kate and Samantha

I remember when I was in 4th grade, I had to do a science project. I decided I would do it using mice because I had always wanted two mice. I was being kind of selfish because I figured that if I did my project using mice, then my mom would let me get two mice. Well, we got two little white mice. They were really two mean, fat male mice that would not let me touch them.

After the science fair,
I didn’t even think about letting them
go or giving them away. I did want one more
mouse. We went to Petco and were getting food
when I saw a small, cute fancy mouse with 4 cute
little paws and big brown spots and attractive little eyes. I begged my dad to let me get her.
Samantha, (my sister) did too.
So, we ended up
going home with our perfect little
mouse, Samantha and I arguing
over the name. We
put her in the cage
with the two bigger, uglier,
meaner mice who had bitten me a lot
already. We decided to name her Spancy,
and let me tell you why. We named her that
because I wanted to name her ‘Specles’
and Samantha wanted to name her a
dumb name. She wanted to name
her ‘Fancy’ because she
was a fancy mouse.

We put her in the cage and it looked
like they were getting along, but the next
morning, when we got up for school, I went to check on the three little mice. At first she seemed fine, but then I saw it. She was covered in blood, bite marks, and she was so weak. I screamed and picked her up to put her in a box. She was still alive, but barely. Trust me, you have never heard so much screaming and crying. I missed the whole morning of school, and while we were getting ready to take her to the vet, she finally gave up and her soul left her body.

I was then crying as if my mother or sister had died. Then I was angry. I ran to the cage, threw open the lid and started digging around in the bedding. If you have ever had a mouse, then you would know that they like to hide underground a lot. This whole time I was screaming, “Murderer! You killed my friend!” As I was beginning to cool down, one ran out of their den. Anger flooded my whole body again and I grabbed him by the tail and threw him into the cage wall.

I am not proud of this. As soon as he disappeared underground, I realized that I had just hurt him. I knelt down and started crying. I was trying to figure out what just happened. I was scared and alone. I ran through the house, out the back door, and onto the porch. I called my 4 and a half year old cat’s name,”MIDNITE!! COME HERE, MIDNITE!!” She came running into my ams and we sat there until lunch time when I had to go back to school.

Now, Midnite is 6 years old and both of those mice are dead. 🙁 I’m now in sixth grade, and have two rats, one hooded and one albino, which are nice, friendly, cute, boys, and FAT! 😀 They are both young and haven’t bitten me once, but I still miss Spancy. 🙁


We only had Spancy for 24 hours....
Kate and Samantha