Spike by Karen / Karen

How do I even start? I am writing this as an outsider, or so I thought. My boyfriend of 3.5 years, had to put Spike to rest today.

Spike was the gentlest, sweetest, and most loving dog I have ever encountered. I fell in love with him the moment I saw him. Over the past 3 years, Spike has endured a lot of arthritis. He was slow to walk, but never showed signs of pain. He loved to roll in the grass and was only happy when DAD was around. For 13 years (long before me)Spike and Wil were inseparable. I was honored when the time was very near and I was the one that was called. “Spike is sick and I am rushing him to the vet.” I have never heard such pain in a person’s voice. “I am on my way.”

When I get there, Spike is lying on the floor, and DAD is misty-eyed right next to him. He had a stroke and a seizure. The decision has been made. I look at my stoic, cold-hearted boyfriend, only to see such love, compassion and unselfishness in his eyes. We are prepped for what is about to happen, and then, with great honor and pride, I was able to say my final goodbye to the Spike that made this man feel love. The tears flowed, the heart ached, but the love multiplied.

The peacefulness that next occurred was astounding. I kissed Spike a final goodbye and bid him a “GOOD BOY”. My heart was breaking even though my pain was only a minuscule part of what Wil was feeling.

I wish there was something more that I could do….I wish I could restore happiness and love. I have to understand that DAD needs his time, but I also need to grieve.

I feel in love with Wil all over again tonight for the unselfish love that he showed. I am so proud that he made the RIGHT choice.

I told him that the pride that I have for him is immeasurable. I have never seen him cry; after we left and were alone, he held me so hard and long and just sobbed. I am so grateful to share that with him.

My life has changed because of Spike, and I will be forever grateful. Spike was the most perfect partner that a person could have. I am missing him a whole lot. I feel guilty that I am mourning so much after only knowing him for 3.5 years, when DAD has 13 years to deal with.


P.S…..Mandy keeps looking for you.