Sponge Cat Purr Pants by Mariah and Kaylin / Your Sponge Friends!!!!!

Sponge Cat was born in a bathtub in a bed of sponges. Don’t ask why, but her mother just chose to have the kittens there. At that time our favorite show was and still is Sponge Bob Square Pants! We taught her how to click to the channel Sponge Bob was on. It was very long and difficult and friends were always laughing at us.

No matter what she would always come and sit with us whenever she heard the Sponge Bob theme song. She was always doing her kitty growl if we weren’t watching Sponge Bob, even if it wasn’t on.

Her death was terrible yet she was happy. We were tossing around her favorite little Sponge Bob kitty toy,and when Kaylin tossed it to far, it landed in the toilet. Why was she in the bathroom? Don’t ask me, let her explain to you. Either way, Purr Pants went after the toy right when Kaylin was leaving the bathroom. We are assuming that Purr Pants couldn’t get out when she fell in and she drowned. That’s how she died. It was a surprise when Calvin found her in the toilet!

We still miss you and love you, Sponge Cat Purr Pants, but we still watch Sponge Bob Square Pants!


Sponge Cat Purr Pants
Mariah and Kaylin