Spook by Rancy & Mickel / Mommy and Daddy

How do you describe your best friend in life? Spook was our buddy, our pal, our confidant. He would always be there to keep you warm or to make you smile when you were sad. His favorite passtime was sitting in his “dad’s” lap while watching movies together. He would always sleep at the bottom of the bed on my feet but occasionally he would sneek up and cuddle under my arm and purr all night there.

Spook loved to be picked up and carried upside down. We had never seen anything like it but he loved it and would just hang there until you put him down! He also loved to be “slung” over my husbands shoulder and called “Sac of potatoes Spook”. He was a very calm cat who loved chasing mice and tormenting them and he loved his treats! Spook weighed about 23lbs when he passed.

It was really hard to loose him. We had just moved to Virginia for my husband’s job and had been in the hotel for 3 days when that Wednesday night he just left us. We had just been playing with him and he seemed to be fine and the next minute he was just gone.

Spook is GREATLY missed by my husband and myself but even his “enemies” his furry brother, Derrick (lab/rottie mix) and furry sister, Madeline (rottie) miss him. Derrick continued to look for Spook even after we moved into our house. It was really heartbreaking. Maddie will still find things that smell like him and pause.

We love you Spookers and you will never be forgotten!!


Love always,
Rancy & Mickel