Spring by Carol & Ron Burnett / Mommy and Daddy

We decided on another dachshund for a companion for our 4 year old male dachshund Scooter. We visited the breeder who searched inside a little dog house for the black female that we wanted. One by one her brothers came out and last but not least out came a little black dachshund female with the look of “trouble” written all over her. She was only about 2 pounds and 8 inches long,
but she thought she was much bigger.

She proceeded to run around the backyard with a stick twice the size of her in her mouth. We knew that we had some challenges awaiting us. The ride home was fine with her sitting on my lap observing all the sights and smells. Up arriving home we invited Scooter outside the house to greet his new companion.

From the minute they met it was love….they never left each other’s side for 9 years. Sleeping, eating and playing together. She pulled Scooter through back surgery and Scooter tried to pull her through a rare blood disease. Nothing worked – pills, transfusions.

She is now at rest and we miss her terrible. Scooter especially. We will never forget Spring and the joy she brought into our lives for 9 years. May she rest in peace forever.


You were our little girl,
Carol & Ron Burnett