Spud by Crystal Payne / Crissy

My Spuds,

Where did the time go. I remember vividly the day you were born. One day after Christmas, early in the morning. You came into this world so tiny and frail. Yet, you grew to become the strongest of the litter. You were the protector of the rest and never backed down from anything. Everyone else was afraid of you, because you would guard your space with all you had. Many have called you Satan because of the evil looks you gave them but, I know you were only watching out for your family. You would always give me hugs and kisses and never gave me any reason to think you were anything but a loving little dog. So quickly the time passed and you grew weak as the years slipped away.

I know you are free of the pain that had crippled you and you are running free and healthy again. You and Bitsy are together again side by side. The rest of your family will rejoin the both of you someday soon. Please know Spud that what I did I did out of love for you as I could no longer watch you suffer.

I may not have told you very often that I love you but, know that I will miss you always and always hold a place for you in my heart. Rest in peace my sweet Spudpup. Till we meet again.


Crystal Payne