Spunky by Paulina / Your Mommy

My mom had just gotten divorced from my dad and we had just moved from a total different country We had our 10-year old Chihuahua, 2 kittens, and my mom’s boyfriend’s cat. My mom’s boyfriend was so cool… he always gave us presents and treated us like his own kids… and one day he was telling me about he’s old dog Buddy… and how he loved him… I started joking around, saying we should get a dog and how it would light up our lives…. and the first thing he sayd was “OK”.

The next day he took me to petsmart and made me pick out a puppy, of course the first one that caught my eye was this pretty brindle bloodhound looking puppy named Spunky, I just picked her up and she started licking me, she was so small, only a month and a half old… So we took her home, but there was only one problem, my mom would never allow another dog in the house, so Paul (my mom’s boyfriend) put her in the car and told my mom to please go get his wallet… at first it semmed like it wasnt gonna work because my mom kept telling him to go get it himself, but then she went to the car, we were all in the window looking at her opening the door… looking for the wallet in the front, and then she looked in the back and she saw Spunky… she was sleeping curled up… she got her and came in the house SCREAMING “I am NOT having another dog!!!!!!” but 20 minutes later we found them togehter taking a nap….

1 year later (when i was in Ecuador visiting my dad) i got a call from my mom… Spunky had just passed away… she had gotten ran over by a car IN HER BIRTHDAY!!!!! I will always remember you Spunky, and the way I used to get you in the house from my window when my mom put you out because you had an accident in the house…

I will always remember you and I apologize for not being there when you most needed it…


With much much Love,