Squeaky my lovely little mouse
You ran around
in your little house
You gave us simply hours of fun
We fed you bits of currant bun.

You’d scamper up
upon my shoulder
Snuggle in my pocket
when it was colder
We’d play a game of
hide and seek
If I couldn’t find you
you would squeak.

But now those fun times
have passed
They seem to have gone by so fast
Though you were
just a little creature
I even showed you to my teacher.

I miss you even more each day
Oh squeaky squeaky
let us pray
You I shall never try to replace
None could ever take your place.

I know you have gone
to a better life
But I’m still upset
and so is my wife
We cannot help it
we loved you you see
You were just the pet for me.

I promise Squeaky
your memory will live on
And you will never
really be gone
For I know that you
look down upon me
From Mousey Heaven
my dear Squeaky.



10, Jan 2002